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About Us

The modern world is evolving too fast and technology is playing at its best to shape the new norm. This ever changing situation puts a huge strain in people’s daily lives where technical issues, both software and hardware, are making things difficult to understand for some. 

To help those who are not that tech savvy but want to use their devices like a pro technician, Nysga comes along. We help people get easy with technical issues hard to understand. Our aim is to help people embrace their lives without putting themselves into the usual hassle. 

When it comes to installing an app or making it work when things go wrong, you’ll need an expert guide that we can provide. We’re a team of highly technology enthusiasts from different disciplines. Our expertise goes anywhere from network engineering to software development. 

We aim to create a helpful community where nobody has to struggle with PCs or Phones. If you’re struggling with installing a Phone app that you love on your PC, we’re here to help. You’ll get helpful guides and technical tips to install any app on your PC and Mac. 

And the best part about Nysga is, that you can ask for personalized solutions to issues that you might be facing while using your computer or phone. In that case, you can contact us and tell us what is it that we can help you with. We’ll write a guide to solve that issue for you.

To find our previous app guides, head over to our blog and get through them. And don’t worry about installing a spammy app full of bugs as long as you’re installing from our recommendations. We always check and filter the bad apps and feature only the good ones.