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Need Remove Your App?

Do you own the rights to an app that we’ve featured on Nysga as the developer or the agency that owns an app? If you want to remove your app from Nysga, you can do so by sending us an email regarding the removal. 

You have to send us the email at our official email address from the official email address of that app. It’s our pleasure to comply with the owner(s) of an app that we review or feature on our website. 

Our official contact address: 

admin [at] 

(Please replace [at] with “@” sign)

Remember, you have to email us from the official email address that you’ve associated with the app on the Play store. Here’s how  you’ll do this: 

Let’s assume that the name of your app is Whatsapp and you want to remove it from our site. In this case, you need to email us via your official email address that might look like this: “[email protected]. It can also be under the owner company/agency. In that case, the email may look like this: Whatsapp@

How long this will take?

Wondering how long the removal will take or when we’ll remove it from our site? Well, we usually take around 24 hours to take an app off our site and our servers. This time is required because we need to make sure the claim is legit and the email you’re sending us the email from is legit as well. Sometimes, the process can take up to 72 hours as we often get behind schedules. 

Thank you,